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Whether she is designing the lobby of a hotel set within a historic structure, or decorating a newly built home, Amber is gifted with a vision for the distinct potential each space holds, and seeing that potential come to fruition is the driving force behind her passion for her career. A reverence for classical architecture and antique furnishings informs her design choices, and her core value and mission is finding the perfect balance between old and new; between trends and timelessness. 


With a visionary and conceptual eye, Amber relies on her keen instinct for scale, proportion, form, and function to create spaces that are visually stunning and perform ideally for their purpose. She believes that interior design is the ultimate form of self expression: that it tells a story, elicits emotion, and sets a mood. In taking the time to get to know her clients she ensures that the end result tells her clients’ unique story.

To My Future Clients, 

My passion for interior design began when I was a very young girl. I remember drawing floor plans for my "dream house" on the lined pages of my spiral bound notebook. I remember staring out the window of the school bus, scoping out the houses that were down and out, imagining how beautiful they'd be if I could just fix them up. My interest grew as I did, and through the years I began to realize that I needed to put my passion to work. So, it is with immense pleasure and gratitude that I present Amber Dawn Interiors.

When I'm not designing spaces, you will find me goofing around with my two boys, Turner and Pierson, their Dad, my husband Tim, and my other family and friends. I may be singing some karaoke. I may be gardening. I may be traveling. I may be enjoying the sunshine or a glass of wine. Probably both. I may very well be admiring an old truck or a historic building. If you see me, say hello :) 



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Amber Dawn Roy- The Courage to Launch Boldy
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