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What story does your home tell?

With vision, passion, and a deep respect for the architectural artistry of the past, Amber allows her clients’ story to unfold by designing new spaces that bring to life the beauty of that past, while honoring her clients' unique perspectives and essence. Amber's admiration for historic architecture and antique decor shines through in each home or commercial building she designs and she is passionate about creating a balance between trends and timelessness. 

As a lifelong learner, Amber's dedication to artistic expression and improvement in her personal and professional life translates to her love of interior design and working with her clients. Amber believes that design is about so much more than creating a beautiful space, as it is her deep belief that our surroundings are directly linked to our quality of life. She also understands that each home and building has it’s own story and feels a duty to honor that history. It is with these two guiding principles in mind that she is able to create spaces for her clients that are conducive to enhanced wellbeing, peace, joy, and focus, and that honor and blend the tradition of historic homes and buildings with timeless updates that speak to her clients’ individual joys and passions. She loves to incorporate heirloom pieces and antique decor and materials that have historical value or significance to create a new narrative, using her eye for classical design and instinct for scale, form and function to help her clients begin their journey of self-expression in their home. 

Amber is also passionate about performing, music, and theater, and this passion for promoting personal expression is evident in her charitable efforts and support for local performing arts centers.







To My Future Clients, 

My passion for interior design began when I was a very young girl. I remember drawing floor plans for my "dream house" on the lined pages of my spiral bound notebook. I remember staring out the window of the school bus, scoping out the houses that were down and out, imagining how beautiful they'd be if I could just fix them up. My interest grew as I did, and through the years I began to realize that I needed to put my passion to work. So, it is with immense pleasure and gratitude that I present Amber Dawn Interiors.

When I'm not designing spaces, you will find me goofing around with my two boys, Turner and Pierson,  and my  family and friends. I may be singing some karaoke. I may be painting an old dresser. I may be traveling or enjoying a concert. I may be enjoying the sunshine or a glass of wine. Probably both. I may very well be admiring an old truck or a historic building. If you see me, say hello :) 



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